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Acquire high quality users with qualified traffic on a large scale at a guaranteed CPI and CPA offers all over the globe.

Media Partners

One-stop solution for you to maximize traffic monetization by leveraging Magictap’s wide range of supply integrations.

Mobile User Acquisition Platform for Premium Mobile Brands

Magictap is the Global Leader in the performance-based mobile advertising space. We  target right audience, maximize ROI and help app marketers track the right metrics.

With its proprietary performance-based mobile advertising platform, Magictap has helped several world-class brands across sectors to break through the clutter, acquire new customers and improve their Cost per Install (CPI) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).


Magictap’s algorithm finds the best source from multiple ad partners, be it for any ad type. This ensures maximum yield for your apps.


You can take complete control of your app monetization. Magictap also allows you to customize your plan at a country-level. We give full transparency on ad placements as well as costs.

International Reach

Magictap gives you access to global and regional ad partners. We currently have all key ad partners and continue to add more every month, ensuring higher revenue for your apps.

Unique Global Reach through Magictap Platform

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