Achieve greater ROI by reaching the

right audience at the right time

Generate qualified leads and reduce cost of reaching your
audience with rich targeting options, presentable ad formats,
and retargeting

Magictap Advantage

Abundant Targeting Options

– Rich targeting for reduced ad spend wastage
– Targeting based on – Geography, Carrier, Platform, Handset, Demographic, Time, Popular Channels, etc.

Quick and Easy Campaign Serving

– Get started with ads in few minutes, with our self-serve platform
– Create, upload, manage your campaign 24×7

Advanced Ad Serving Optimization

– Your campaigns are optimized and delivered for maximum performance
– Auto adjusts burn rate for campaigns, and advanced ad optimization based on performance


Enhanced geo-locale specific targeting

Drive better ROI with effective geo-targeting.


Geo-fence regions of any size and shape, and target precisely using:


–   Radial Targeting


–   Polygon Targeting


–   City/State Targeting

Advanced ad formats for better user engagement

Video Ads

Rich Media ads

Interstitial ads

Banner ads

We support all standard ad formats:

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